GBWhats App is the best WhatsApp mod with advanced privacy, enhanced media sharing, dual-account functionality, and complete anonymity. If you are sucked off from the official version of WhatsApp and feeling bored, then it’s time to try something new. Here we have the GB version with an ever-evolving set of features. Customize your app, stay anonymous, and use a dual account.

GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp is not on official App stores and GB users must use the APK App file. This APK (Android Package Kit) is designed for Android users only. It does not support iOS or any other Operating System. So if you are an Android user, download the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK from this page. It is a 100% secure APK file with a GB App. The GB features of this APK file are outstanding and will completely change your WhatsApp experience.

Difference between GB WhatsApp pro and WhatsApp?

FeatureGBWhatsApp ProWhatsApp
DND Mode
Calls Disable
File Sending Limit999MB100MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255139
Auto Message
Bulk Message
Online Status
Custom Font
Security Lock
Icon Change

Features of GB WhatsApp

GBWhatsapp has a huge amount of features to offer with all the core features of the official app and dozens of GB features. Here we will discuss all the features that make the GB App a perfect choice.

Status Download

Wanna Download the Status? No need for any WhatsApp Status Saver app when you have this GB version. It offers anonymous status downloads. You are free to download others’ statuses without revealing your identity. Your name or ID won’t appear in the Status view list of your contacts whose status you are downloading.

Anti-Revoke Feature

The “Delete for everyone” feature of the official version is quite irritating for the users. Because the sender uses this option after sending a message it is deleted for a receiver as well as the sender. But now no message will be deleted for you with this GB App. It comes with an Anti-revoke feature to give you access to all the deleted content in the chat. Moreover, you can also access and download deleted images, files.

Theme Customization

There is no limit to customizing your interface and WhatsApp themes. Try different icon settings, icon designs, app layout, background colors, and much more. Explore the full range of customization galore with this GB version app.

DND Mode

Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is very popular and applauded hugely by the users. This mode works smartly to manage the e internet supply to this app. When you switch on this mode, all other apps except your WhatsApp Apreceive recive internet. DND will disconnectthe  internet from this app only. It is quite a convenient feature when you are willing to work on other app or wanna take a break from messages & calls.

Disable Blue Ticks

When there is an unread message in the chat and you open this chat, two blue ticks will appear. These ticks appear before the message and shows that you have seen this unread message. In this GB app, if you want to hide this blue tick then you can disable it.

Disable Double Ticks

If a user sends you a message or file, a tick appears before it to show him that message is sent. Now when you open this message, the single tick turn into double tick. This double tick will appear to both you and the sender. If you disable the double tick function in the GB settings, the double tick will not appear in chat. The sender will never know you have read the message and you can read messages anonymously. 

WhatsApp Channels

This is the latest feature introduced by WhatsApp towards the end of the year. GB App also includes this feature. You can follow your favorite social media stars and also create your own channel. It will help you to follow others and get plenty of followers for your channel.

Share Large Files

With the official version, it was never possible to share large files. Because the official version has data-sharing limits and you can only share small files. But with GB WhatsApp, you can extend this limit to share files over 100MB in size. Moreover, you can share up to 1GB of document files to enjoy increased file sharing.

Upload Long Video Status

Are you sucked off from 30 second small WhatsApp status? Then try GB WhatsApp APK to increase your status limit. Share long video and multimedia files as your status. Overcome all the status limit restrictions and enjoy non-stop status sharing without any time limit.

Chat Lock

Chat lock is another awesome feature in the unending list of GB Features. It helps you to secure your personal and precious chats. You can set a lock or use fingerprint to keep private chats highly protected. Moreover, it also gives you the luxury of using use separate locks for various conversations.

Message Filter

Manage all your messages and files in conversations with smart message filters. You can sort out your chat messages according to your message type. Sort videos, text messages, voice notes, images.

No Limit for Image & File Sharing

You can only 30 images in a single go on official WhatsApp. But now you can extend the image and file sharing limit. Share 100s of images, videos, and files at once with GB WhatsApp Apk.


Is English not your native language and do you find it irritating on WhatsApp? Then use the GB version as it comes with a Multilanguage option. You can choose your native language for your WhatsApp.


Most WhatsApp Mods and other moded apps & games are unsafe. Social media users have to face account bans while using mod apps. But GB WhatsApp has an Anti-ban feature that protects your accounts and keeps temporary & permanent bans away.

Access to Deleted Status

If someone uploads a WhatsApp status and deletes it before 24 hours then it will disappear for his contacts. But this is still accessible to GBWhatsApp users. You can access all the deleted statuses of your contacts anonymously. Moreover, you can even download those deleted statuses to grab them in your gallery.

Built-in Themes

There is an unending amount of themes in GB WhasApp APK for non-stop UI customizations. You can try dozens of themes to apply to your WhatsApp interface. These themes come with different layouts, colors, and icon designs. It means you will be experiencing a new interface with every new theme. Moreover, you can also construct and design your theme according to your preferences.

Auto Reply

Auto-reply makes your instant chatting automated. You can define a number of text characters as you auto-reply. When you enable this feature, your defined message will be sent to any number who contacts you are sending anything in conversations.

Hide/Freeze Last Seen

Last seen time is always there below the name or number of every contact in Whatsapp. This is to mention the last seen time or online status of a contact. But with GB WhatsApp Updated new version you can completely hide this time or freeze it. So don’ worry about your online status as your online status or last seen time won’t appear to anyone.

Hide Online Status

Do you love anonymity? Then GBWhatsApp App is the best choice for enjoying anonymity on WhatsApp. Go to GB settings and hide online status. Turn off double tick, hide last seen, disable blue ticks and enjoy complete anonymity. 

App Lock

Are you concerned about the App security of your WhatsApp and using an App lock? This app lock may also be harmful and insecure as it may be a third-party app. Hence, still, your app and all its chats are at risk. But GB WhatsApp has an integrated app lock to keep your chats & conversations safe. Use a strong password, a PIN, or your default finger lock to keep the app highly protected.

More Group Members

256 members per group are allowed in official Whatsapp but you can exceed this limit. Download GB WhatsApp and add 100s of members to your groups. This is helpful to enhance your social power and expand your social circle.

High Video & Image Quality

The quality of images and videos is altered badly in WhatsApp while sharing. Because the official version uses compressing technology to reduce the size of images & videos while sharing. But if you have this GB version then there is no need to worry about image & video quality. You can share and download the shared images and videos.

More Text Characters for Status

Boost the power of your text status. The official version allows only a few characters as your text status. But you can now share 100s of text characters & emojis as your status. Express your feelings, convey long messages, & share long text info with your status to all your contacts.

Dual Account Feature

Most of the people have to use multiple accounts for various purposes. For using a dual account users either use two devices or install two apps. But with GB WhatsApp, you have the luxury of using dual accounts at once. Manage your chats in one account and use another account for your official use.

Forward to All

In the official app, you can forward messages to only a few contacts. But with this app, you can select as many contacts as you want. Moreover, you can even select all your contacts to share messages with all at once.

Mark as Unread

Read a message but don’t wanna read it? Don’t worry, mark this message as unread & message sender will never know that you read it. Helps to read messages anonymously and then mark them as unread.

Enhanced Privacy

Enjoy Endless privacy options with tons of privacy features. Use anti-ban, App lock, chat lock, and other anonymity features to make your app a privacy den.

Font Styles

Unleash font galore for text messaging. This GB app has tons of font styles for your conversations and text status. Make your text more expressive and stylish with 100s of font styles offered in this app.

GB WhatsApp Apk Download

If you wanna boost your WhatsApp experience and try a wide range of options then Download GB WhatsApp Apk. On this page, you can get a free latest version app and enjoy unlimited GB features. Tap the download button and get an APK file of the GB version for your Android device for free.  This GB version is tested by our professional team before posting it here and they declared it 100% safe. It comes with bug fixes, anti-virus, and anti-ban technology. Get the app and follow these steps to Install GBWhatsapp on your Android.

  • Get the Apk file first.
  • Launch your Android Settings menu.
  • Go to the Security option.
  • Enable the “Unknown Source” toggle.
  • Return to the Apk file.
  • Tap the Install button.
  • Complete installation.
  • After installing the GB app, open it, provide credentials, verify your number, and start using endless GB features.


GB WhatsApp is the best Mod and the perfect choice for Whatsapp users. It offers a diversity of features that a WhatsApp user wishes to have. With its anonymity features and high-end privacy, it stands tall among all WhatsApp MODs. You can explore endless themes with full luxury to customize the interface. Hide last seen, custom themes, try night mode, enjoy anonymity galore, DND mode, and other features. Increase your media sharing and style your text messaging with different font styles. Take your instant messaging experience to peak level and enjoy high-quality audio/video calls with GB WhatsApp.


Is Dual WhatsApp available in GB WhatsApp?

Yes, now with this GB version you can enjoy two Whatsapp accounts on a single device simultaneously.

Can I Use GBWhatsApp Apk on iOS?

No, it’s a special MOD version of Whatsapp that can only be used on Android devices. So far there has been no release of this GB version from developers for iOS users.

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

Yes, it’s the only Mod of WhatsApp that is curated professionally and considered safe by millions of users.

How to Update GB WhatsApp?

No official or auto updates for this GB version. Hence, you always have to go for manual updates from a safe platform. This website is perfect in this regard as we have the latest version of files with 100% security.

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